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Pennette with tomato sauce

cooking time 10 minutes
preparation time 10 minutes

ingredients for 8/9 people
penne rigate 800g, 2 jars basil sauce, 250g Parmigiano Reggiano, 60g salt

Choose a short and striped pasta. Then cook the penne in abundant salted water brought to a boil. Taste the water before putting the pasta in the pot, because the desired amount of salt is often a subjective matter. While the pennette are cooking, heat the Italianavera basil sauce in a saucepan. Drain the penne al dente (i.e. two minutes before the cooking time indicated on the package), and pour them into the pan in which you heated the sauce, perhaps adding a little cooking water from the pasta. Leave it to flavor for about 3 minutes. Once served, you can add a sprinkling of Parmesan, to further enhance the flavor of this simple dish, but of great taste … obviously with the Italianavera sauce!