Bio ” and miez paccheri rigati

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The new organic line
“the TOP of the Artisan Selection, in 7 exceptional formats”
the new long awaited ORGANIC Line has arrived!
Le Meraviglie By Positano is pleased to offer its customers and admirers an additional handcrafted product of the highest quality … the TOP of our already High Artisan Selection! Only we have in our assortment 7 BIO formats with a dedicated labeling of strong value and impact, made with the best certified BIO durum wheat semolina. The 7 formats are produced with Italian organic durum wheat semolina of the highest quality, and today represent the best of our already high artisan selection.
The labeling, with a perfect green chromaticity, is designed to stand out on the shelf and be immediately appreciated by the final customer.
The BIO PGI formats in the assortment are:
‘a Caccavella BIO – BIO Spaghetti from Gragnano – BIO Capresi boyfriends – BIO Fusilloni – BIO Casarecce – Miez Paccheri Rigati BIO – Penne zite Rigate BIO
All the taste and tradition of the ancient bronze drawing of the Gragnano pasta masters in a special format made with Organic certified durum wheat semolina . The water from the nearby Lattari Mountains and the particular drying process are the main characteristics that make this pasta truly special and appreciated all over the world. Every single format comes from a centenary history of our territory, and expresses all the ancient – magical Secrets handed down for generations. Today we produce more than 100 different formats of Pasta, enclosed in 12 families, for the proposal of Artisan Pasta among the most important and exclusive in the sector.
Many formats are our exclusive patents: above all “a Caccavella”: the largest single-portion Pasta format in the world, invented by Antonino “il Pastaio”! We try not to describe, but to “tell” our Pasta formats in every form, detail and anecdote, presenting them with the image of their “Nudes”, to make them appreciate even more the color, the roughness, their extrusive perfection rigorously bronze.

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